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Now that the quarterback issues are all settled, it’s time to dig deeper into the 2023 and 2024 recruiting classes as a whole. From recruiting wide receivers and the offensive line, to naming athletes and target areas, we get into a bit of everything in this edition.

We even end with a bit of NFL Draft discussion at the end for good measure. Sit back, relax and let’s draw the curtains on Notre Dame’s recruiting landscape.

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@christopher-crosby: Haven’t heard too many names when it comes to offensive lineman for 2024. Who is Harry Hiestand looking to target now that 2023 is pretty much over?

Yes, there hasn’t been a lot of talk about recruiting offensive linemen in 2024 so far. This is mainly due to the fact that Notre Dame has so far only offered four offers to the group. Of the four, Notre Dame appears to be best placed with Malvern (Penn.) Rock Jones, who is expected to visit campus again later this month. The 6-foot-6, 295-pound offensive tackle brings a nice all-around profile. With more quickness, length and tenacity off the foot, he could potentially adapt to attacking or inside tackle long term.

Arguably the most talented athlete on the roster, the Irish staff hope to tap into the Massachusetts pipeline again in 2024 with offensive tackle West Roxbury (Mass.) Catholic Memorial. Guerby Lambert. If the school sounds familiar, it’s the same as the 2023 defensive commitment Boubacar Traore. Lambert boasts a massive frame at 6-7 and 280 pounds, with plenty of room to grow. He is a gifted athlete who has the composition of a left tackle to the next level. The sky is the limit as it continues to fill in and become more technically sound.

Dillon High School Star (SC) Josiah Thompson is another talented offensive lineman who can be tough to get out of the South. The 6-7, 285-pounder has notable movement skills and has absolutely insane flashes in the running game. Thompson speaks early on Notre Dame, but staff will need to bring him to campus this summer or during the season to gauge genuine interest.

Arguably the top tier of the group, Olney (Md.) Good Counsel offensive lineman Kyle Alternate plays well beyond his years from a technical standpoint. At 6-3 and 285 pounds, Altuner has the most mature frame of the bunch but also has a lower floor than the other three. It is, however, a fairly certain thing. Altuner plays with tremendous tenacity, pad level and consistency as a blocker. He projects better at guard or in the center at the next level. There is a solid base from which to start as Altuner continues to grow.

@bplence1189: I see that Notre Dame is recruiting several players in 2024 who are athletes playing in several positions. Can you clarify for IB Nation which guys Notre Dame is recruiting as athletes and what position guys like Quinton Martin, Martavious Collins, Josiah Brown, Bryce West, Garrett Stover, Jayshawn Ross, Jason Mitchell, Marcus Goree Jr., Shamir Fredericks and Dejuan Lane is recruited to play by Notre Dame?

We have seen staff target a surge of talented athletes in the 2023 recruitment cycle and they are taking this to a whole new level based on the 2024 offer list. Staff have had a propensity to recruit athletes talented and to bet on themselves as talented developers. to make the most of their natural ability. Here are the players potentially looming in multiple positions and where Notre Dame is currently recruiting them:

Martavious Collins – tight butt
Jayshawn Ross – Vyper
Garrett Stover – Rover
Quinton Martin – Road
Marcus Goree Jr. – Cornerback
Bryce West – Cornerback
Josiah Brown – Security
Shamir Fredericks – Security
Dejuan Lane – Security
Jason Mitchell – Security

@dj: How many tight ends do you think they’ll take in 2024? We have six tight ends on the stock market right now, I believe. Michael Mayer will be gone, but who else. I can’t believe they take the number at 7. That seems like a lot.

After taking just one tight end in the 2023 recruiting round with Cooper FlanaganI think the staff could push two in the 2024 cycle, but right now the staff seems focused on just one.

It can be nearly impossible to predict roster turnover in the age of the transfer portal. Of course in theory, Michael mayer is the only tight end who is most likely to move on, but what about a possible transfer? Injuries can also occur. Ultimately, I think two is the number despite the current focus. Will they agree if it’s just one with Jack Feedback? Yes I think so. I just doubt the staff are done recruiting tight ends for the cycle, but ultimately how things play out over the next few months will determine that.

@robosgood: Question about recruitment zones. The Carolinas, Arizona, and Missouri regions are beginning to produce higher recruits. Which region of the country do you think will be the next region of talent growth?

That’s an excellent question. In fact, I’ll take one that you already mentioned. This is Missouri, but more specifically, the St. Louis area. I don’t think we’ve seen the height of talent the region can produce. The state has released great football players in the past including Ezekiel Elliot, jameson williams and Drew Lock.

In recent years, it seems to be producing talent at an even higher level and Notre Dame needs to take advantage of that. Missouri is a single state overall with no major football power in the state. There is a huge opportunity to have a major impact in the region.

@domergriz: A few questions about comps: 1) Is Joe Wilkins a good comp for Malik Elzy (i.e. a good player but not a gap closer)? 2) How does Samuel M’Pemba compare to Jordan Botelho, since they both seem to be this Rover/Edge tweener?

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From an impact standpoint, I don’t hate the comparison between Wilkins and Elzy. They both have the advantage of being good football players and contributing. I just don’t see any difference in the traits. Elzy is more of a powerful capture point dynamo with the ability to make a variety of plays in the air. Wilkins, meanwhile, is a versatile pass catcher who brings a fluid style. Consistency has been his main question mark during his career at Notre Dame. When he is healthy, he can play a role.

It’s an interesting comparison. Style-wise, the biggest differences are that Botelho may be a slightly better lineal athlete. M’Pemba brings a much higher advantage as a speed-to-power converter. As he continues to grow into his body, he projects himself as an incredibly powerful rusher. M’Pemba is also a little more nervous than Botelho. I would say the biggest difference is that Botelho can project better as a pure speed guy working on the edge, but M’Pemba brings more upside as a versatile passer.

@badirish2021: Do you look up to Matt Miller and other former NFL scouts who did a great job in the NFL draft space?

I think most people have their influences, regardless of their professional sphere. I am no different. On the media side, it is Danish brugler, Email Kiper Jr. and Mike Mayock for me.

Brugler, who is an NFL Draft analyst for Athletic, is the best in the business in my opinion. When writers come into the mainstream, they tend to cut corners. This is not the case for Brugler. He constantly makes honest, thorough and thoughtful analyses.

No one in the NFL Draft sphere has been influenced one way or another by Kiper. He is the godfather of NFL Draft analysis and without him the event wouldn’t be the media spectacle it is today. I also really liked Mike Mayock before his time with the Las Vegas Raiders. He, like Brugler, made a very honest analysis. He would never say anything he didn’t believe was just for interaction. It was very refreshing.

On the NFL side of the business, I have been fortunate to develop relationships with many current and former NFL scouts in various roles. It is a blessing to be able to talk with them and see the difference in opinions. David Turner is my biggest influence in this field. He was a veterinary scout for eighteen years in the NFL, CFL and Arena leagues. He helped me immensely from the very beginning when I became a consultant and continues to be a very valuable resource for me.

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