Notre Dame Recruitment Mailbag – Part 2


In the second edition of this week’s mailbag, we move away from the quarterback position. We cover everything from class numbers, safeties, wide receivers and everything in between.

June promised to be an entertaining month and it hasn’t disappointed so far. The best part, it’s far from over. The questions come from Irish Breakdown followers on the message board.

@irishdane: How many offensive linemen will Notre Dame take in 2023? I guess this question depends on how the visit went with Freeling. If he wants to participate, do we take six offensive linemen?

Yes, I believe Notre Dame would take six offensive linemen if the two Monroe Freeling and Charles Jagusah wanted to come. Our sources said Notre Dame staff know it would take work to take both, but those same sources also made it clear that Freeling and Jagusah are special players you just can’t say no to at this point. .

@nickhoppers: Freeling and Jagusah are a must if they want to come, but what will the staff have to do for this coming season if we end up with six in the class? Take less from another position, withdraw a scholarship from a former extra or something else? None of them are ideal. Thank you for all this great content and go Irish!

Hard to say without knowing what the numbers look like after the 2022 season. We’ve been told the staff is absolutely interested in pushing it to six offensive linemen if the right mix presents itself. They seem adamant that they’ll make the numbers work if it means landing Freeling and Jagusah. You’d probably have to make a few tough decisions, whether it’s not asking for a fifth-year return or reducing the number of scholarships to a position for the class of 2023. Either way, that’s something something they’ll find out if Freeling and Jagusah want to come.

@doubledomer: If the Irish landed Christian Gray and Micah Bell at cornerback, would they consider signing Micah Tease exclusively as a wide receiver, rather than just a tryout. Would they include Tease as a wide receiver in a 4-man class? Or would he only be a wide receiver if he’s the fifth guy?

The Notre Dame staff are more than willing to give Tease a legitimate look at the wide receiver, so the number would technically mirror the wide receiver’s number. I don’t think the staff would waste their time, or Chansi Stuckey’s time, letting him play long enough to keep him happy with the intention of moving him into defense at the first opportunity. If he chose Notre Dame and wanted to play wide receiver, he would have every chance of making an impact there.

Where I think this would have an impact is that Notre Dame would have an easier time taking a fifth wide receiver instead of a third corner due to the flexibility Tease brings to the roster.

@brianm8614: The one God-given trait that most closed turns have is pure speed. (Hips loose for a second.) My favorite thought on this is, “speed kills.” So my question is how much technical upgrading and coaching does Micah Bell need to become that guy? Do you believe he is capable of achieving this? Finally, are we in a good position with regard to its recruitment?

Let’s start with the second part of the question to begin with. Notre Dame is very well placed with Micah Bell. They have a chance of wrapping up on his next visit, with plans to engage in early July.

His speed is by far his biggest advantage right now, but Bell is also very explosive in short and fast areas. Bell will absolutely need a lot of work from a technical point of view. Although he plays cornerback for his high school, his greatest impact actually comes as a running back on the offensive side of football.

Being able to focus on the full-time cornerback role would be a huge development for him. His advantage is immense when he makes this complete transition.

@dtrain23: With Caleb Downs back on campus last weekend, do you think there’s a chance we’ll get there? Looks like the narrative was consistent with his time in SEC country, but now he’s been visited 4/5 times. Where there is smoke there is fire. Curious about your opinion sir.

For my part, I am cautiously optimistic. It is, however, one of those things that I won’t believe until I see it. There’s obviously an interest there, which you can’t question. It would just be a huge upheaval to get Caleb Downs out of the South. He is a special child, but it seems that some members of his family would support this decision, if it was his decision.

@eddie82: We seem to be among the leaders for the following: Samuel M’Pemba, Jason Moore, Charles Jagusah, Monroe Freeling, Dante Moore, Christian Gray, Micah Tease, Micah Bell, Jaiden Ausberry, Rico Flores, Jaden Greathouse, Ronan Hanafin and Caleb Downs.

It seems that if we are aiming for 25-27 recruits, with 15 already in the fold, we need a very high success rate on the above list to get there. Two questions:

1.) Is it realistic to get 10-12 from the list of 13 above?

2.) Who else do we have on the board that we can realistically get?

We talked about it a bit today. We fully understand (trust me) the skepticism around shutting down these many top prospects. Recruiting over the past few years has kind of programmed our brains to think that way.

With that in mind, yes it is possible. Notre Dame staff moved into position to shut down several high-profile recruits. Start believing!

Outside of the players you mentioned, I would say running back Jeremiyah Love is very possible. wide receiver Rico Flores is another that I would say Notre Dame is currently leading. This class has a chance to be special, historic even.

@tommy-rock: What do you hear about Jack Larson? Is he close enough to CJ Carr to commit anytime soon or will he go through the process? Yes, I know it’s a child of 2024.

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Notre Dame is in a great spot with Larsen early on. He is arguably their main target in the tight end position as it stands. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound tight end was said to have fitted in very well with Carr during the Irish invasion, where he also stood out in the drill. The Irish seem to be clearly first in the beginning.

@seazi: Where is Notre Dame with 2024 Safety Peyton Woodyward?

From what I understand, Woodyard plans to let the process unfold for a bit. This is the main reason why I reject the first predictions. A lot could happen before the decision finally happens.

That being said, I’ve been pretty consistent with the idea that Notre Dame is very well placed early on with Woodyard. He’s been to campus a few times already, which is huge for a west coast kid. He also obviously has the Notre Dame ties being Kyle Hamilton’s cousin.

The streak of success that Notre Dame is starting to create in the security post is also huge for this particular recruit. A lot can change, but it sure looks like Notre Dame is the team to beat early for Woodyard.

@frogman164: Ryan – Do the three receivers, Ryan Wingo, Cam Williams and Emmett Mosley all have what you think are ‘committable’ offers? Two children are relatively local and the third is an inheritance. If they’re engageable, how long do you think until CJ Carr starts rolling them up and in what order?

Yes, I believe all three pass catchers are catches right now. Each of them brings a different element to the table, but these are all traits Notre Dame staff will covet.

I believe Carr has already started to have an impact on the band, especially cam williams, with whom he competed in the Irish Invasion last weekend (June 5). I believe one, in particular, could move very quickly in favor of Notre Dame.

As for Emmet MosleyI believe family ties will be more of a sticking point for him than Carr being in the 2024 class. He already has a ton of reasons to pick the Irish, but he looks set to go through the recruiting process, including a recent trip to Washington.

ryan wingo is a bit of a question mark. After speaking with his coach, Wingo is absolutely worthy of Notre Dame. He should be near the top of the board when it comes to priorities. Wingo is the type of wide receiver Notre Dame needs. Time will tell what kind of impact Carr has on him, but Notre Dame continues to catch up a bit.

@jwb07: Now that CJ Carr is engaged, imagine us gaining even more momentum with the 2024 wide receivers. Have you heard names like Cam Williams, Bredell Richardson, Emmet Mosley and Ryan Wingo mentioned on recent shows, but do you have an update on Notre Dame’s position with Tyseer Denmark out of Roman Catholic Philadelphia? Who do you consider ND’s top five on the 2024 wide receiver map right now?

I think Notre Dame is very fond of Tyseer Denmark. He’s a slot wide receiver who has a profile similar to what Rodney Gallagher brought to the table. From early conversations, I believe Denmark is intrigued by Notre Dame but I would say they are a bit more intrigued by some other programs at the moment.

Things could change quickly. For now, I would say it’s a bit long.

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