Okagba Amaefuna: The legend at 90



Through Steve amaefuna

Life comes in different phases, nurtured, offered and guided. As we follow a trajectory in the journey of life, we strive to achieve our goals and set our priorities. You have crossed many rivers of life, of distinction, of excellence, of patriotism and discipline, of love for community and humanity.

Lolo Okagba Bridget Ugbobuaku Amaefuna, you remain intact and elegant at 90 years old. How time flies ! Just like yesterday, you have traveled through nine decades. Each decade tells about your unique character, from childhood through adolescence through middle age and adulthood.

In you, the Amaefuna dynasty of Ezinifite, local government of South Nnewi, Anambra State, has an extraordinary patriot as its matriarch. We, your children, on behalf of the Amaefuna dynasty, your many supporters, want the world to see you a little through this room.

Like the popular saying that “mothers are kind and gentle like the last rose of summer that never fades with the sunset even when the rains set in”, sweet like the evergreen song of Prince Nico Mbarga , “Sweet Mother I no go forget you…”

Mother means different things to different people. For some, the mother is just a mother who nurtures and takes care of their needs when they are young and helpless. For others, the mother is an extraordinary caretaker who bathes and rocks them to lull them to sleep.

For my siblings and I, our mother, Lolo Okagba Bridget Ugbobuaku Amaefuna is everything and much more than that. She is not just an ordinary mother, as everyone understands the word, but the representative of God on earth.

God’s representative on earth? What could this mean? She is still worried about her children, the welfare, education, peace, the unity of the Amaefuna dynasty, how we would compare to our successful peers in society, together with our father, Chief Felix Asomba Amaefuna, a dreamer and achiever who believed that in order for wealth to have substantial meaning it must be seen as a means, since, according to him, “the true measure of any rich person is shown by the broader endings towards which he directs the means ”.

Your humanitarian works across the country and the many people you have mentored are reason enough to celebrate you. Your love of family is an example to all of us that a woman cannot be too busy to take care of family matters. On the contrary, you do it with the same dedication with which you have followed your career in business and public administration. It is a known fact that you open your doors to pay attention to people from all walks of life.

She never stopped asking about the progress of our family members even in our absence. She encouraged her parents to soar alongside my father, especially in their overall intellectual development, which by the grace of God today the Amaefuna dynasty parades a remarkable number of graduates into de many academic disciplines. And many more are still in the works.

An epitome of beauty, a pioneer, an epitome of motherhood and bride and a faithful servant of God. For many who know her, the depth of her humility, sincerity and the authenticity of the love that surrounded her combined to make her a role model, a mother in a million and makes her the best among its peers.

This life of harmony between brothers, of friendship between neighbors and of wife and husband who live happily together (Ecclesiastes 25: 1-2) earned her the love of the people of Aba, in the state of Abia. , where she resided, before moving to America. In thanks for her love for all, they called her “Mama Aba” and, by extension, the entire Amaefuna dynasty.

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She instilled in us children this rare combination of attributes of her unpretentious personality, hard work, good moral values ​​and, above all, being very close to Almighty God. Whatever we have been able to accomplish today, collectively as a family or individually in our various endeavors, could not have been the case in the absence of these qualities.

It is said that some people are born great, others attain greatness, while a few others have greatness imposed on them. One of those rare cases is that of our beloved mother.

Greatness is what she wanted for herself, her children, the Amaefuna dynasty, and the Umunwanegbo family. She has used everything within the limits of her abilities to achieve this, investing her time, talent and treasure in this goal. She did not lose any opportunity to contribute her quota towards the goals.

The truth of this statement can be seen in the circumstances of my mother’s birth, marriage, and life. She is the mother of Dr. Steve Amaefuna, Mr. Julius Amaejuna, Patrick Amaefuna, Chief Chukwudi Amaefuna, Ms. Ogonna Ifediniru, Mr. Rufus Amaefuna, Ms. Njideka Madu (née Amaefuna) and Bob Amaefuna, all completed in their respective professions. .

As a young child, my mother was said to have a good character, an epitome of beauty and intelligence. She presented enviable features. She was innovative, independent, creative, resourceful and God fearing. Her other qualities included humility, cleanliness and cheerfulness, which characterized her as a gifted child.

These remarkable qualities are reflected in her marriage and family life from 1948, when she married her idol, Chief Felix A. Amaefuna (Ochiriozuo Ezinifite), a community leader, a renowned businessman and the initiator / financier of the educational revolution in the Amaefuna and Ezinifite dynasty, which produced the first lawyer for the local government of Nnewi South, Godwin Amaefuna. He obtained his LLB (London) in 1962 and BL in 1963.

Before our father passed away on February 7, 1998, the kind of mutual respect, trust, agreement and understanding they shared remains legendary. Her solid parenting education has well prepared and equipped her to properly navigate the turbulent institution of marriage.

Dear mother, this is a testimony of your humility in greatness. Over the years, we ask you not to slow down in order to do good and forge paths for the greater good of society and for the pride of the Amaefuna dynasty. It is a rare testament to your diligence that, during all these years, your sincerity in your dealings with people, which is inherent in the family by following in our father’s footsteps, attracts a great deal of goodwill, respect and trust. . Thank you for making us proud.

There will be a Thanksgiving Mass at St. Leo De Great Catholic Church, Mbubu Ifite, Ezinifite on Tuesday December 28, 2021 at 10:00 am. The reception will follow at Amaefuna’s country house, Mbubu Ifite, Ezinifite.

• Dr Amaefuna, Udokamma Ezinifite, resides in the United States of America.

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