One Knox SC hopes to give back to community in inaugural season



Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) – One Knoxville Sporting Club has started its inaugural season and has been working to help give back to the community. United Way is a major team sponsor that helps donate money to local nonprofits.

Knox SC partner Drew McKenna said there was “clearly an appetite for football here in Knoxville”. Knoxville’s growing love for football has also helped those in need through the partnership.

“United Way’s vision here in Knoxville. We totally see the world the same way and we were thrilled they were able to partner with us,” McKenna said.

United Way has previously helped raise money for locals through One Knox by raising money for Austin-East in the team’s inaugural game.

“It was a great experience and an opportunity to learn more about this team and the management of One Knoxville. It’s a testament to the quality of One Knoxville when it comes to living here or working here,” United Way Brewton Couch Chief Strategy Officer said.

Something people can do to help out is buy one of the team kits. $10 for each kit sold goes directly to Centraide.

“We want them to support United Way as well, so it’s a way for everyone to support the community and support the club,” McKenna said.

United Way turns the money from the kit’s revenue and sends it directly to local nonprofits.

“We work to make life better for everyone in Knoxville, so this is One Knoxville for all of our citizens,” Couch said.

One Knox sold its first game of the year with 2,200 fans. The team’s next home game is May 28 at Knoxville Catholic.

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