Out Boulder County Strongly Condemns Catholic Archbishop of Denver’s Dangerous Guidelines for Catholic Schools



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Earlier this week, the Archdiocese of Denver issued guidelines, titled “Guidance for Issues Concerning the Human Person and Sexual Identity,” for Catholic schools asking them not to re-enroll transgender or gender non-conforming students and to address homosexual parents differently from heterosexual parents. . Out Boulder County is deeply troubled by these tips and the danger they pose to members of our community. It demands that school staff discriminate against LGBTQ+ youth and families and increase divisions within our communities.

Out Boulder County Executive Director Mardi Moore posted a video strongly condemning the Archbishop of Denver’s advice to Catholic schools on LGBTQ+ youth and families. You can find a link to the video below. She also invited the Archbishop to visit the OBC Equality Center in the Rocky Mountains to speak with LGBTQ+ youth and people of faith. We hope the Archbishop will take this opportunity to educate himself and end harmful ideas about LGBTQ+ people in the Catholic Church in Colorado.

“Of all the religious trauma I see in the LGBTQ+ community due to hateful beliefs and teachings, that caused by the Catholic Church is among the most egregious. I hope the Archbishop will accept my invitation to visit the Center for Rocky Mountain Equality and to meet LGBTQ+ families of faith,” Moore said. “These misguided and dangerous actions are a poignant reason why membership in the Catholic Church continues to decline.”

Michal Duffy, director of education and research, added: “This focus is out of step with the love cultivated in many Catholic LGBTQ+ families. I hope these families know that there are communities of affirmed faith where they will be fully accepted and celebrated. This hateful orientation reflects on the Archbishop, not on the value or values ​​of the many Catholics who are LGBTQ+ or LGBTQ+ affirming.


See Moore’s video response here.

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