Over 41% of fans said they were the two least likable Sopranos characters


“The Sopranos” is full of egregious villains, from Livia Soprano (Nancy Marchand) to Phil Leotardo (Frank Vincent). Still, according to a poll, fans voted for Tony and his son AJ Soprano (Robert Iler) to be the two least likable characters on the show. The poll received 565 submissions, with Tony garnering 20.53% of the vote and AJ 20.71%.

Although Tony is the main man of “The Sopranos,” it’s easy to see why many find him unlikable. He regularly cheats on his wife Carmela, has a short fuse when dealing with his mobster squad, and is responsible for the deaths of many men who wronged him, such as Ralph, Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero (Vincent Pastore) and even his. nephew Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli). On Reddit, u/yankees9588 said: “Each re-watching the series, I like Tony less and less […]”

As for AJ, he is the embodiment of an anxious teenager for the majority of the series. In high school, he cheats on exams, gets drunk on communion wine, and vandalizes the swimming pool with his friends. In later seasons, he quits community college and briefly experiments with drugs. AJ regularly looks annoyed or complains about something, and lacks the motivation to succeed in life. On Reddit, u/QueenRhaenys said, “I hate him more than any other character on TV. Don’t think he ever did a redeeming thing.”

After those two, the third most loathsome character was Pauli, with nearly 14% of the vote, followed – surprisingly enough – by Adriana, at 13.27%. Christopher gained 11.86%, then Junior came in at 11.33%, with Meadow taking last place at 8.32.

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