Pope Francis celebrates Mass in the Congolese rite: “Peace begins with us”


“Today, dear brothers and sisters, let us pray for peace and reconciliation in your homeland, in the wounded and exploited Democratic Republic of Congo,” Pope Francis said.

“We join in the masses celebrated in the country according to this intention and pray that Christians will be witnesses of peace, capable of overcoming any feeling of resentment, any feeling of revenge, of overcoming the temptation that reconciliation is not possible , any unhealthy attachment to their own group that leads to despising others.

The pope stressed that the Lord calls all Christians to be “ambassadors of peace”.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has experienced a wave of violence in recent years. Dozens of armed groups are believed to operate in the eastern region of DR Congo despite the presence of more than 16,000 UN peacekeepers. Local Catholic bishops have repeatedly called for an end to the bloodshed.

“Brother, sister, peace begins with us,” Pope Francis said.

“If you live in his peace, Jesus comes and your family, your society changes. They change if your heart is not at war in the first place, it is not armed with resentment and anger, it is not divided, it is not double, it is not wrong Putting peace and order in one’s heart, defusing greed, quenching hatred and resentment, fleeing corruption, fleeing cheating and cunning: c is where peace begins.

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