Pope Francis condemned gender-based violence at his first mass of the year: “To hurt a woman is to insult God”



During the first mass in 2022, Pope Francis called for “Work to promote mothers and protect women” during his speech in St. Peter’s Basilica for the Mass of the Solemnity of Mary Most Holy Mother of God.

The celebration also alluded to World Peace Day, and there Bergoglio condemned gender-based violence with a specific sentence: “To hurt a woman is to insult God, who took the humanity of a woman, not an angel, not directly ”.

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How much violence there is against women, enough. The Church is mother, the Church is woman ”, said the Pope in the homily which focused on the “meditation” that – according to the Catholic tradition – Mary had indicated as the mother of Jesus.

Mothers, according to Francisco, “know how to overcome obstacles and conflicts, they know how to breathe peace”. “The faces of mothers who help the sick or distressed child. How much love is in her eyes, who, by crying, know how to communicate the reasons for continuing to wait, ”he added.

From the central altar of the Basilica, he continued the defense of mothers: “The inclusive gaze, which overcomes tensions by preserving and meditating on the heart, is the gaze of mothers. This is the look with which many mothers embrace the situations of their children ”.

“It is a conscious gaze, which is not deluded and, yet, beyond the sufferings and problems, it offers a broader perspective, that of care, that of love which renews hope “Francisco added.

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Francisco closed the first mass of the year highlighting the work of women: “Mothers, women, do not look at the world to exploit it, but to make it live. By looking with the heart, they manage to keep together the dream and the concrete, avoiding deviations from aseptic pragmatism and abstraction ”.

Gender violence, a “satanic” act for Pope Francis

At the end of December, in an interview with Channel 5 in Italy, the Pope had already described “Almost satanic” to the problem of violence against women.

“The number of battered and abused women at home is so, so great, even by her husband. The problem is that for me it’s almost satanic, because it is to take advantage of the weakness of those who cannot defend themselves, they can only stop the blows. It’s humiliating, very humiliating, ”he criticized at the time.

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Francisco also aimed against the policy, which he asked to have a “Active role” to promote “greater offers of decent work”, which he considered “essential for building and maintaining peace”.

“Work is an essential factor in building and maintaining peace; it is an expression of oneself and of one’s own gifts, but it is also a commitment, an effort, a collaboration with others, because one always works with or for someone, ”he explained.

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