‘Put emotions at ease’: Catholic Charities plans to add affordable housing complex in West Hills neighborhood


SPOKANE, Wash. — An affordable housing complex is coming to the West Hills neighborhood. Catholic Charities is planning the demolition of the old motel off Government Way and Sunset Boulevard.

Catholic Charities says the site will remain vacant as they work to develop an affordable family housing community.

Neighbors in the western hills say they feel left out of the conversation about space plans. He says he started noticing crews starting to work on the hotel a few days ago.

Andre Dove is the pastor of Restoration Church just across the street from the motel.

Dove says he has no problem with Catholic Charity’s plan to add affordable housing for families, but fears plans will change.

“Is this going to be a low barrier shelter? Is it going to be legitimately what you say it will be, or do you have something under your sleeve that you’re not ready to expose yet and then it’s going to happen to us,” he said.

He and other community members say they were not contacted by the nonprofit.

“As one of the spokespersons for the community, to be able to relay this information to the community to calm the emotions,” Dove said.

Catholic Charities says its staff have been in contact with West Hills Neighborhood Council about the project.

Joe Long lives across the street from the motel and says affordable housing is needed in Spokane, but he, too, wants transparency from Catholic charities.

“How much more, as a community and owners, are we resisting? We are at the park every day picking up trash that we have picked up in the past,”

Long also worries about what the new community complex could mean for property values ​​in the area.

“We’re not sitting here saying no, don’t come here. We don’t want you – we’re sitting here saying, okay, that makes sense, we need that here in Spokane. How are we going to do it? and how does that affect all if us,” Long said.

Catholic Charities says the project is not fully funded and they have no set time frame for its completion.

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