Rahul Yatra: a priest remarks to him that the BJP calls him “anti-Hindu”


In response, Congress General Secretary for Communications Jairam Ramesh said the BJP’s “hate factory” shares tweets about Rahul that are unrelated to the audio.

In a clip that has been widely shared online, the priest, George Ponniah, was heard telling Rahul that Jesus is a real God, unlike Shakti.

While Congress says the video, shared by many BJP leaders, ‘has no relation to what is recorded in the audio’, BJP leader Sambit Patra accused Rahul of harboring hatred of Hindus and said the conversation insulted Goddess Shakti before the Navratras started.

In the music video, Rahul and Ponniah are heard having a conversation about whether Jesus was considered a God or not.

Rahul is heard asking, “He is not God or is he God? Is Jesus also God?

After an explanation from someone whose face is not visible in the video, Rahul asks again, “So Jesus Christ is a form of God. Is it correct?”

Ponniah is heard to respond, “He is the true God. God reveals him as a man… a human person… not as Shakti or this God…. So we see in this human person… born as a man, born into his world, the form.

Ponniah, a Roman Catholic priest, was arrested in July last year for allegedly making disparaging remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Hinduism, as well as the DMK government of Tamil Nadu. Prior to his arrest, he apologized to “Hindu brothers and sisters” for his statements and claimed parts of his speech had been edited.

Referring to a BJP politician who avoids wearing slippers as a sign of respect for ‘Bharat Mata’, Ponniah reportedly said ‘we wear slippers to make sure we don’t get our feet dirty and get Bharat disease Mata”.

In Delhi, BJP spokesman Sambit Patra told the media that it was not the first time the Congress had been involved in such incidents and that he had previously questioned Lord Ram’s existence. .

Patra alleged that Rahul “pretends” to go to temples during the elections, but the “anti-Hindu” face appears after the polls end. “Is it ‘Bharat Jodo’? Denouncing one religion to appease another? This Hindu hatred of Congress in general and Rahul Gandhi in particular is no longer a clandestine affair. Rahul wears it on his sleeves with pride…” Patra said.

Although there was no response from Rahul. The head of the Congress media department, Pawan Khera, said the BJP does not understand the importance of inter-religious debate and dialogue. “This tradition is not new to India,” he said. “It comes with Sanathan’s tradition of engaging with people of different opinions and different schools of thought.”

Amit Malviya, head of the BJP’s national information and technology department, tweeted: “If you come across a controversial pastor, known for his visceral disdain for the majority community and its beliefs, Rahul Gandhi’s idea of” Bharat Jodo “then this Yatra is nothing but a fake. How can indulgent faith supremacists serve society at large and bring cohesion…”

Slamming the BJP, Ramesh of Congress tweeted: “An atrocious tweet from the BJP hate factory doing the rounds. It has nothing to do with what is recorded in the audio. It is typical BJP mischief which has become more desperate after the successful launch of Bharat Jodo Yatra which elicits such huge response.

“The people responsible for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi and the murders of people like Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare, MM Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh raise questions! What a sick joke! Such attempts to damage the spirit of Bharat Jodo Yatra will fail miserably,” Ramesh posted in another tweet.

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