Renée Anne Louprette, faculty member of the Bard Conservatory, in Romania for the Fulbright Prize for research on historical pipe organs



Renée Anne Louprette in recital at the Johannes Hahn organ (1773) of Sibiu Cathedral.

Renée Anne Louprette, Assistant Professor of Music, Director of the Bard Baroque Ensemble, and College Organist, is spending her fall semester conducting Fulbright US Scholar Award-supported research in Brașov, Romania. Hosted by the University of Transylvania, the Louprette project focuses on the rich cultural heritage of historic pipe organs in the region of Transylvania and the efforts of local artisans to rescue, preserve and restore these instruments. She has given recitals in the urban centers of Brașov and Sibiu, made audio and video recordings of 18th century instruments in the fortified churches of Mediaș, Saschiz and Hărman, and of the 1930 Wegenstein organ in the Catholic Church Roman.
Bucharest Cathedral. She also conducts interviews and collects critical documentation on notable 18th century organ builders and recent restorations. She hopes that these efforts will help shed new light on this precious musical heritage unique to Romania as an intercultural region.
center of Eastern Europe.

Publication date : 21-10-2022

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