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50 years ago – January 7, 1972

LAST STOP — His Eminence Cardinal Terence J. Cooke, Archbishop of New York and Ordinary Serviceman for All United States Armed Forces, arrived in Honolulu on the last leg of his annual Christmas visit to military families scattered across the world. He was greeted beside the plane by Bishop of Honolulu John J. Scanlan and Major General Thomas M. Rienzi of Fort Shafter. Rear Admiral (Monsignor) Henry J. Rotrige and chaplains from all military branches hosted the cardinal’s visit and warmly received him beside the plane. The Cardinal’s visit was brief due to pressing issues in New York City.

25 years ago – January 10, 1997

Cultural exchange

Visiting the Apache Indian community of Fort McDowell Yavapai in Arizona as part of a parish cultural exchange, Native American manchawa (little people) dressed in authentic spirit costumes danced the sacred mountain spirit dance .

The boys’ faces were completely covered because tradition states that when you dance as a spirit your identity should not be known. The girls represented the young girls in the community there to support the spirits.

The Hawaii coordinators for the parish cultural exchange were Lorraine Freitas and Laurie Enos, co-director of international cultural exchange programs. Lorraine received blessed trinity bells from Pope John Paul II, a gift to Laurie’s father from a Russian Catholic parish. The trip to Hawaii was funded by a tribal-owned casino, which supports such educational tours. Two young girls from the parish danced the hula during the exchange festivities.

10 years ago – January 6, 2012

Anthony Rapozo is Hawaii’s new priest

Bishop Larry Silva ordained Kauai-born Anthony W. Rapozo priest in a radiant liturgy in St. Theresa’s Co-Cathedral on the eve of the last day of the year.

Introduced by the tolling of church bells, the Ordination Mass on December 30 began precisely at 6 p.m. with a greeting from Cantor Kainoa Fukumoto.

The opening procession of eight seminarian altar servers, 14 deacons, 64 priests and 14 Knights of Columbus, in addition to Rapozo and the bishop, seemed to drag on as the choir and congregation sang the seven verses, at the same time familiar and obscure, of “” Come all, faithful.

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