‘Russian Orthodox singers’ will even make skeptics enjoy singing



This top vocal ensemble is to give two phenomenal concerts in two days.

One of the most esteemed choirs of Russian Orthodox chant, Russian Orthodox singersis preparing to give two concerts in two days. This top-notch vocal ensemble is set to put on quite the show, which will hopefully be inspired by their standout 2020 self-titled album.

Created in 2013, the Russian Orthodox singers devoted themselves to the Russian liturgical repertoire. They are particularly interested in the works of the great spiritual centers such as the Monastery of the Caves, in Kiev, and especially the Lavra of the Trinity of Saint Sergius, which dates back to the 14th century.

History of Russian singing

On their blog, the choir notes that the first religious polyphonies in Russia were developed from Russian folk songs. In the 17th century, Russian composers were introduced to the Polish liturgical musical tradition, which strongly influenced the region. With the Polish style as a model, the Russian singing tradition developed over the next century, with large choirs as large as 48 voices rising to prominence.

In the 18th century, the Russian style began to adopt aspects of that of the Italians. At that time, the audience fell in love with Russian Orthodox chanting. Crowds flocked to the church to hear the glorious deep tones as if they were going to an opera. These low notes, interpreted by the much sought-after deep bass, will become a signature of the Russian Orthodox style.

Russian Orthodox singers

You’d never know from listening to what sounds like a massive choir, but Russian Orthodox cantors are only 10-12 voices loud. The group was made up of professional and amateur singers, who held positions in choirs all over Europe. In 2020, they released a 13-song album filled with such emotion that it can bring listeners to tears.


Although we mentioned that the bass notes are where Russian Orthodox chant shines, their tenors are just as relevant. Their use of dynamics is flawless and when the highs soar crescendo over the lows, you’d think it was a 24-voice choir.


the Russian Orthodox singers are scheduled to sing at the French Catholic Church Eglise Sainte-Marie-des-Fontenelles, on Saturday March 26 and Sunday March 27, 2022. Those who can’t make it to the show will be pleased to learn that the ensemble tends to post their recordings on their Facebook page.

Until then, we have to settle for their magnificent 2020 album. Listen to each masterful track in the link below.


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