Saint Vincent wonders if the speech was racist


The President of Saint Vincent College, the Reverend Paul Taylor, issued A declaration last week speaking out against racism after a speech at a campus conference struck many as racist, The Tribune-Revue reported. “At the heart of Saint Vincent College’s mission as [Roman] The Catholic, Benedictine and liberal arts institution is precisely love of God and love of neighbor,” he said. “Because we are a Catholic collegiate community, we can say that racism denies the sacred nature of a human being. Discrimination and bigotry towards any individual or group dehumanizes and objectifies them. »

The speech in question was from David Azerrad, assistant professor at Hillsdale College. The speech is on Youtube.

At the start of the speech, Azerrad said that Kamala Harris is vice president only because her father is Jamaican. Its overall purpose is reflected in the title of the speech – “Black Privilege and Racial Hysteria in Contemporary America”.

Gary Quinlivan, dean of the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government in Saint Vincent and one of the conference organizers, said he regretted Azerrad’s attendance. “It made me cringe,” Quinlivan said. “After the first few minutes, I could say, ‘Oh no, it’s not going to be okay.’ This guy’s lecture is not typical of St. Vincent College, if we had known how deep this guy was going to go, this wouldn’t have happened.

azerrad says Inside Higher Education via email, “You’ve seen a version of this play out countless times on our college campuses: a speaker says something that makes perfect sense about race (in my case, a defense of color blindness and a denunciation of the treatment preferential), the most present strongly agree, a handful strongly disagree (but offer no counter-arguments beyond their outrage that someone has deviated from the accepted script when talking about race), and the university administration cringes at their outrage.

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