Soludo’s attempt to save Igbo heritage


From Magnus Eze, Enugu

Anambra The state government under Governor Chukwuma Soludo recently marked another major milestone in governance with the reintroduction of history into the state school curriculum starting from the next academic term.

Education Commissioner Prof. Ngozi Chuma-Udeh revealed this during an interaction session with education secretaries from Anglican and Catholic dioceses in her office in Awka.

According to her, history as a subject has made a comeback in schools but with a slight adjustment since the history of Igbo man dating from the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial eras is now included in the scheme: “The administration current thought it wise to adopt this strategy because the Igbo heritage is on the verge of extinction.

“Books on the subject will come out before the next academic session which starts in September this year.

“The current administration seeks to bring healthy and valued books of literature into classrooms; the next academic session will see a lot of changes for the good of Anambra students and teachers”.

She praised the role of churches in developing education, saying that without Christianity there would be no restriction or discipline, as the church helped control the basic nature of man.

The Commissioner also called for understanding between Christians, whatever their denomination, and the need to respect the differences between people so that the Christian community is not torn apart by unnecessary internal disputes: “Christians must respect the biblical injunction from the book of Isaiah and put eliminate disparities, come together as a body and call with one voice for God’s interventions in the state of affairs in Nigeria.

One of the people who enthusiastically welcomed this heartwarming development was the traditional ruler of the ancient Kingdom of Isseke in Ihiala Local Government Area of ​​Anambra State, Igwe Emmanuel Nnabife.

The traditional chief had in a previous interview with daily sun described the suspension of history in schools as the greatest injustice done to the Igbo people by the Nigerian government.

According to him, if we do not know where he comes from, he will hardly know where he is going, noting that it is the combination of the past and the present that gives birth to the future: “If you had not the story of what your father or ancestor did, you wouldn’t know where to start and where to end. You cannot tell your own children what to do when they become adults. The only way to maintain these practices is through education and the reading of history.

“Again, throughout history, the divides of division are broken down; because, it is through history that someone in one place learns that someone in another place has a relationship with them. And, the development of individuals goes through the knowledge of the history of certain great men, who lived in the past. The history of the past is necessary for us to understand what they did and, if necessary, to improve what they did.

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