Spring Lonergan Conference: “The Glory of God, in Part, Is You”


The Spring 2022 Bernard J. Lonergan Lecture features Dr. Anne M. Carpenter as she presents “The Glory of God, in Part, Is You” Bernard Lonergan, Interiority and Theological Aesthetics. Join us on Walsh Library Beck rooms March 24, 3:30 p.m.

This conference explores the thought of Bernard Lonergan through a reflection on monstrous bodies, that is to say by questioning the appropriation of oneself in the face of the monstrous, when the “monstrous” is our own face revealed in the mirror of the ‘story. The problem is that our history is a colonial history. This story is horribly violent. Its most concrete fruit or result is us. This lecture explores the problem of colonialism from within Lonergan’s thought, with an eye to problems that Lonergan himself did not conceive. The resulting new, or renewed, set of Lonerganian intuitions will develop the authenticity of the Lonerganian tradition in a mode of self-transcendence that conceives and re-conceives historical situations as theologico-aesthetic. How could the desire to know under the pressure of violence be transformed into theological-aesthetic possibility?

anne carpenterAnne M. Carpenter is an associate professor in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at Saint Mary’s College in California. She is the author of Theo-Poetics: Hans Urs von Balthasar and the Risk of Art and Being (2015). She has written on topics such as theological aesthetics, metaphysics, Bernard Lonergan and Charles Péguy. His next book is Nothing Gained Is Eternal: A Theology of Tradition (2022).

We will have light refreshments and a discussion for those in person. This event will also be available on zoom for those off campus. Please pre-register for the event.

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