St. Ambrose parishioners stepped out to help others



BRUNSWICK, Ohio – It was community service day for the parishioners of Saint Ambrose Catholic Church and the community was bustling with activity.

Teams of volunteers distributed in more than 35 homes of people in need and . non-profit organizations to help with spring cleaning, repairs and chores that were badly needed. At the Brunswick Area Historical Society, two families helped clean up outbuildings in preparation for upcoming tours and open houses beginning June 12.

Those at Heritage Farm include Girl Scout leader Kristen Rosenstock and her family, Bryan, Lyla and Aubrey. Gary and Lilly Sass, Emily Thompson, Barb, Brianna and Gabby McTigue. At Medina Creative Living, Team Leader Caitlin Arbogast worked with young adult ministry. Mike Truchan led the Oaks Family Care Center team.

Hundreds of members worked on the projects led by Bob and Donna Howsk, Meghan Deighton, Mike Camero, Herb Churchill, Mike Bravchok, Al Flanhofer, Patty Scalfano, Diane Graham, Jim Mandabach, Lisa Cinadr, Ed Sobek, Bernie Savada , Julia Kinnley, Chrissy Balentine, Janet Majka.

The day began with breakfast and prayers and was followed by lunch at the church.

The weather remained fine too, as huge storms battered all around the Medina County area.

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