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My dear friends,

This month we highlight another of the outstanding educational institutions of the diocese.

St. Michael’s School on West Broad, Pawcatuck, has been an integral part of the community for over 145 years. The school is summed up in our mission to engage students in a Christian formation program characterized by a stimulating and enriching classical Catholic program, in a stimulating environment.

So what is a classic Catholic program? Students study the great ideas of Western civilization. Democracy, science, art and literature allow us to understand how the past influences and unifies our culture. The great classical literature and primary sources are used. Students use memorization and recitation not only to acquire knowledge, but also to train their minds to learn and remember. The emphasis is on reading, writing, phonetics and vocabulary. The study of Latin begins in the first years and continues until the eighth year. Basis of all Romance languages, Latin is beneficial not only for the acquisition of these languages ​​but also for the teaching of logic, grammar and vocabulary.

What does it look like? If you walked around our school you would meet students learning the history of Western Civilization and Christianity. You would hear students analyze sentences by chanting and identifying each part of the speech; and you would meet teachers who were excited to see how much it benefited students’ writing skills. You will find students reciting poetry and preparing for our annual night of recitation. In the upper grades, students will conjugate Latin verbs, decline Latin nouns and adjectives, and pass the national Latin exam, while learning to think logically and prepare to approach other languages. You would even hear our youngest students reciting their prayers in Latin. You would observe students reading good classical literature, discussing and recommending books to their classmates; students learn to discuss and debate in a logical and clear manner with evidence using Socratic discussions. You would also meet students who learn and grow in virtue.

Add to all that the fact that last year we moved from the building across from the church to a larger building one block away. Our new building, the old West Broad Street School, gives us more space, bigger classrooms and plenty of room to grow. And we are growing. Our enrollments have increased by 21% since our move and we are delighted to welcome new families to our school community.

If you would like to learn more about classical education and St. Michael’s School, we invite you to visit to see what we have to offer. We would love to show you!

May God bless you and protect you.

Dr. Gail Kingston
Superintendent of Schools

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