St. Peter’s supplies the Catholic community

St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center provides a community for Baylor students and members of the Waco community. Brittany Tankersley | Photographer

By Cavan Burns | Journalist

If you look across the street from the Stacy Riddle Forum you will find St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center. St. Peter’s serves as a Catholic community not only for Baylor University students, but also for students of McLennan Community College, students of Texas State Technical College, and local Wacoans.

“While I was in college, St. Peter’s was really my spiritual home, my kind of favorite social place,” Jean Ungarinosaid the St. Peter’s campus ministry associate. “This is where my community was.

Ungarino attended Baylor before graduating last spring, and he began his work as a campus ministry associate in St. Peter’s in late July.

“If I had all the money in the world to spend – I wouldn’t have to be paid for anything – what would I most like to do?” That’s what I’m doing right now, ”Ungarino said.

A few weeks before the hiring of Ungarino, Saint-Pierre welcomed the arrival of his new priest, Reverend Henry Finch. Finch, originally from Texas in San Marcos, attended Texas A&M University for his undergraduate career. Finch said it was during his time at College Station that he converted to Catholicism. Prior to serving in St. Peter’s, Finch served in Cedar Park in another Catholic parish.

“I appreciated the energy, enthusiasm and curiosity of the students,” said Finch.

In addition to this, Finch said he had four pillars for his pastoral vision while in St. Peter’s: worship, training, fellowship and awareness. Discussing the second pillar, training, Finch said he hoped to “cultivate an atmosphere of contemplative wonder.” Regarding the final pillar, awareness, Finch said he hoped the Catholic community would “come out and bring in other people.”

If you would like to learn more about St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center, visit its website or go to the student center.

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