Suspected racist comments at Wahlert-Waterloo East basketball game worry some



CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Some students and parents say they heard a racist comment shouted during this week’s Dubuque Wahlert women’s basketball game against Waterloo East, but Holy Family Schools, which runs Wahlert, say they hear something else that is not racist at all.

Parents and students in the East say that Wahlert’s students shouted “Monkey” at students, saying they also used the ‘N word and made monkey noises at players in the East, but the leaders de Wahlert say that what you are really here is “Go Eags” which they claim to be a song for Walhert’s Royal Eagles.

El Sara Greer assists with the Waterloo East Women’s Basketball Team and works at East High. She was at the game and said it got hot sometimes. Greer says she heard the student scream Monkey. She doesn’t buy the “Go Eags” explanation.

“Why wouldn’t you say Eagles if that’s what you meant?” ” she said. “They never said Go Eag the JV game, they never said ‘GO Eags’ the rest of the game, why would you say that out of nowhere?”

Greer says some of his athletes told him they also heard Wahlert students use a racial slur. “I didn’t hear it, my teammates heard it and when they walked past,” Gree said. “They said the coach, El Sara, they were saying the N-Word. They said it, there is nothing else it could have been.

In a statement sent to TV-9 Holy Family, say:

Dear Golden Eagle community:

Today, administrators at Wahlert Catholic High School and Holy Family Catholic School were made aware of social media charges alleging misconduct among students in Wahlert’s Catholic Fan Section during the basketball game Girls’ ball last night against Waterloo East High School.

The statements allege that our students directed derogatory behavior and racial slurs towards Waterloo East student-athletes. We take allegations of this nature very seriously and do not condone such behavior when it is well founded.

We think it is important that our community be aware that the Holy Family has carried out a thorough investigation into the circumstances. Many people, including students, parents, coaches, referees and administrators, who were present at the match, were interviewed. The footage of the alleged behavior has come under close scrutiny and representatives from Holy Family have been in direct contact with representatives from the Waterloo Community School District to fully understand the circumstances surrounding last night’s game.

At the heart of the allegation is a video presented as evidence of the misconduct. We believe there was a misinterpretation of a common Eagle’s Nest song, “Go Eags,” resulting in an unfair judgment of the character of our students.

Our investigation found no credible evidence of inappropriate behavior during last night’s game. On the contrary, in this case all the evidence highlights the strong character of our community.

yours in Christ,

Phil Bormann, Chief Administrator of the Holy Family

Ron Meyers, Principal of Wahlert Catholic High School

Mariah Reeves, Associate Director of Wahlert Catholic High School

Tom English, director of activities at the Wahlert Catholic high school

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