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Our Lady of the Assumption seventh graders in Beloit help serve at Taco Sunday at the parish. Pictured from left are: David Andres, Alan Rodriguez and Diana Reza. (photo added)

BELOIT — Sharing their time and talent in recognition of the Catholic education their children receive at Our Lady of the Assumption (OLA) School, 10 Hispanic families work together each month to provide “Taco Sunday”.

It’s become a popular event for OLA parishioners and the community, as families donate authentic tacos for three dollars each.

Tacos, snacks, and soft drinks are served in the school cafeteria on the third Sunday of each month during the school year.

Lively Hispanic music adds to the celebration of education and sharing of heritage as volunteers greet their guests.

“Our families work together and do so with smiles and kindness. Joy radiates to everyone,” observed OLA school principal Trevor Seivert.

Work together

According to volunteer Dalia Alacron, the authentic tacos are made of corn tortillas stuffed with a choice of asada (steak) or pastor (marinated pork) with various fillings.

Chicharrones, a crispy snack made from fried flour, and elote, a corn-flavored treat, are also on sale.

“All food, including meat, tortillas and snacks, is cooked and prepared from fresh ingredients on Taco Sunday,” Alacron said.

She and her husband are parents to five children – three are students at OLA School, one attends Boylan High School in Rockford, Illinois, and a two-year-old is at home.

Although “Taco Sunday” is an all-day project, Alacron said families enjoy working together.

“We appreciate and give thanks for the Catholic education our children receive. And we want to earn funds to help our children and all children who attend OLA school with tuition assistance,” she explained.

OLA Pastor Fr. Mike Resop said, “I am so impressed with the dedication of these families who make ‘Taco Sunday.’ They work hard with a spirit of joy and happiness, and the whole family is involved. Funds raised benefit the OLA Tuition Assistance Fund. This is for any family that needs it at OLA school.

Father Resop added that the average amount collected by families is $1,200 per Sunday. “So far, the total amount is almost $4,000,” he said.

“Taco Sunday” originally started as a fundraiser for St. Peter’s Parish and School in South Beloit, Illinois, as a way to “give back,” according to coordinator Luis Castro. principal of fundraising.

When St. Peter’s School closed a year ago, 32 children from the school transferred to OLA School, Seivert said.

St. Peter’s parents now serve Taco Sunday six months in each parish.

Seivert said, “St. Peter’s families value and appreciate the importance of Catholic education. They are now an integral part of the OLA school.

He added, “In today’s world, our church is more diverse and includes many Hispanic people. At OLA school, we accept that. »

Work together

Castro humbly shared that the families enjoy the camaraderie of working together.

“The time and work we put into it is very little compared to the education our children get from OLA school,” he sincerely said.

“We invite everyone to come and taste our tacos,” he added.

Alacron said the scholarship while contributing to the OLA school adds to the fun for families.

“The men have fun while doing all the prepping and cooking in the kitchen. We call them ‘Taco Dads’,” she said.

This scholarship extends to students who volunteer to help with the event.

Seventh grader Alan Rodriguez, smiling and joking with other students, said, “I really enjoy doing this and it also counts towards my Works of Mercy project at school.”

According to Alacron, in order to kick off the taco project, each participating family donated $50 for food and supplies.

Thereafter, each month, only the cost of the purchased meat is deducted from the profits. Families donate money for the rest of the needed items each month.

Father Resop expressed his appreciation for the fundraiser.

“Thank you to the generous and talented families who organized the taco fundraiser . . . What a great example of stewardship and dedication to Catholic education.

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