The Evil Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Leland Townsend is a very scary guy, so if you’re a Gemini, we’re sorry. Before all of you Geminis get mad at us, we’ll explain why that is. Leland prides himself on being extremely manipulative, a skill that allows him to get inside people’s heads and press their buttons. He also clearly has several characters he can call upon. He can be charming and lovable when he wants to be, like when he starts dating Sheryl, but deep down he only wants power for himself.

Gemini – those born between May 21 and June 20 — have a reputation for being “two-faced,” but what that really means is that Geminis are very versatile and have the unique ability to transform to suit their circumstances. Very quick-witted and analytical, they are good at communication and learn very quickly from their environment. If present in a kind and spirited person, these traits can manifest in many positive ways, but for someone like Leland, these traits are very dark indeed.

Leland wants to be all-powerful and all-knowing, which is why he bonds with the devil in season one. It’s likely that he wants all that power because deep down inside he’s actually insecure, which manifests in situations where he unexpectedly loses the upper hand. He hates being outmaneuvered or outmaneuvered, which is why, in his true Gemini form, he always thinks one step ahead.

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