The Law & Order character you are based on your zodiac sign


Leo, the lion, is one of the most colorful zodiac signs. Lions are a fire sign ruled by the Sun and, according to Kelly in Seduce, they “love to bask in the spotlight and celebrate”. Since Leos are a “fixed sign” – no backslider here – Kelly says they “are known for their stability, loyalty and consistency.” As kings and queens, however, they like to be “theatrical” and wear “decadent designer clothes”. Being fixed also gives them a stubborn advantage, much like Taurus.

If you’re a flashy dressed Lion, your character is Detective Joe Fontana (Dennis Farina), who has perhaps the most sartorial splendor of all “Law & Order” detectives. In addition to “decadent designer clothes”, Fontana drives an equally flashy car. This lively Lion also likes to show wads of cash.

Fontana first appears in “Paradigm” in Season 15. He is from Little Italy in Chicago, is fluent in Italian, and becomes Detective Ed Green (Jesse L. Martin) ‘s new primary partner after Lennie retires. Briscoe. It takes a while for the two to freeze, given Fontana’s “look at me” demeanor, which also leads her to clash with the more low-profile Lieutenant Van Buren. Fontana’s stubborn streak appears in “Ghosts” when we learn that he spent years pursuing the father of a murdered 12-year-old as his sole suspect, only to find out she was killed by someone else. Fontana and Green eventually become a good working unit, with Fontana being loyal to Green until Fontana retires.

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