The next generation of sacred music? Gregorian Chant Album Uses New Spatial Audio Feature



“We were looking for repertoire that hadn’t been done recently elsewhere,” Anderson explained. “We thought Christmas would be a good time…to release some of this music, so we chose something that was unrecorded, or too much.”

Anderson also explained that, unlike Lent, there is a certain note of joy that permeates the penitential aspect of Advent. Ultimately, Anderson said, the goals behind releasing the album are to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, foster the sacred tradition of Gregorian chant and share a deeper insight into monastic life at the Abbey. .

“If a person buys a CD… reads the booklet and listens with you, you will come into our lives a little bit,” he said.

Additionally, listeners can also be helped by Apple’s new Spatial Audio feature (with Dolby Atmos support), which orients each element of the music in its own space around the listener.

Rather than simply dividing the music into “left” and “right” channels as with stereo music, spatial audio orients each element of the music within a 360 degree radius of the listener, making the experience closer to a live concert rather than static audio. case. (Those who want to know what it might look like can do so by trying out the free demo on Dolby’s website.)

Although the availability of this feature on the album may vary depending on the streaming service used, it is nevertheless a new option for those who wish to immerse themselves deeper in the music.

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