The one question each team answered in spring training


Spring football in the SEC is on the books. Spring is when positional competitions start to get spicy, giving us a taste of what’s to come. The quarterback competition at LSU between Arizona State Transfer Jayden Danielssixth year senior Myles Brenan second year player Garrett Nussmeier and even five-star freshman Walker Howard is the one everyone was looking at.

The one thing you all want to know is that we didn’t clarify anything with the quarterback today – we probably made it more difficult,” said Notre Dame head coach Brian. Kelly, after Saturday’s spring game. “(Myles) Brennan was good today. He is doing very good things with football. He knows the offense, he’s smart, he deals with it. Nussmeier – we talked about Nussmeier’s athletic ability – his arm strength. (Jayden) Daniels is really fast and Walker (Howard) has one of the strongest arms on the team. I don’t know if we clarified anything there.”

It remains to be seen how this battle and others will play out in the fall, but we definitely got some answers this spring.

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Here’s something every SEC team has responded to over the past two months.

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