The St. Augustine Hunger Center Serves Thousands of People on Christmas Day


CLEVELAND (WJW) – For nearly 50 years, it has been a Christmas tradition at the St. Augustine Hunger Center in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, to provide a meal for the less fortunate and a warm place to celebrate the holiday.

“It’s a phenomenal thing happening in Cleveland, to feed those in need, to make them feel welcome and loved on Christmas,” said Meghan McGuan of Catholic Charities.

It is the dedication of a team of volunteers that allows Saint-Augustin to serve 15,000 at the Church of West 14e Street, as well as in other centers of hunger in the region, and by home delivery to prisoners.

Reverend Chuck Behrens of North Royalton Christian Church told Fox 8, “Even a small number of people can do a lot of good, so we collected gloves, hats, toys for the kids, and everything. people can get involved in that, because it’s one thing to give a gift, it’s another to realize that you are the gift and everyone, no matter what they, no matter who they are, is part of this gift.

The most powerful chapters in St. Augustine’s Christmas story are written by those who were saved by the kindness they found in the center of hunger and decided to come back as volunteers.

A volunteer known as Cat told us, “I just got homeless, I have some 24 hours of recovery, me and my kids were coming here. After I got sober and clean someone asked that I wanted to come down and give back and I didn’t get, “like why” but I’ve been coming here for 10 years, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.

The tradition in St. Augustine was created by Cleveland icons Sister Corita Ambro and Father Joe McNulty. They are now retired and the torch has now passed to a new generation of Clevelanders charities. The footprints Sister Corita and Father Joe left in the sand can be found all over St. Augustine.

“When I first got here we ended up eating and Sister Corita got a hold of me, she said ‘what a wonderful person you have become’ and I was like ‘who are you? “said Cat.” Coming back here and giving back to the community is an amazing thing, it’s one of the things that continues to keep me where I am, grounded in my recovery. “

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