Ukrainian director brings film to Baltimore County in hopes of helping his home country



A picture is worth a thousand words but a film is worth so much more. Volodymyr Mula is a Ukrainian director. He flew overseas to launch his new movie about hockey legends to raise money for his country.

The untold story of hockey legends features various Ukrainian hockey players that many people look up to like Wayne Gretzky, but there’s more to the movie than just sports. It has a deeper meaning. Volodymyr Mula made the film to highlight some of the greatness of Ukraine.

“This is the North American premiere of my documentary. I’m here to raise money to buy medical supplies and to help Ukraine in such a difficult time,” Mula said. Hockey players like Wayne Gretzky or John Paul Bucyk have Ukrainian roots and most of these people are proud to be Ukrainian and to go through such a difficult time. It’s very important to show this history to inform Americans about our heritage,” Mula said.

With the war in Ukraine, Mula wanted to connect with Americans by showing them influential people who represent his country.

The aim is to educate people about Ukraine so they can help end the war by raising awareness, and locally Saint Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church has worked closely with Mula to ensure his message to Americans.

“It’s just amazing the amount of support the community is giving us. Our church phones are ringing non-stop,” said Stephen Humeniuk.

“I think Americans should ask politicians for support and encourage them to help Ukrainians. We need all the help we can get,” Mula said.

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