Vatican releases Pope’s message for World Day of Prayer for Vocations


By Carol Glatz, Catholic Press Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) – The Christian calling is for all members of the Church to work together and show that one human family united in love is not a utopia but is the reason God created the humanity, said Pope Francis.

“When we speak of ‘vocation’, it is not simply a question of choosing this or that way of life, of devoting one’s life to a certain ministry or of being attracted by the charism of a religious family, of a movement or an ecclesial community,” he wrote. in his message for the World Day of Prayer for Vocations 2022.

“It is about realizing God’s dream, the grand vision of brotherhood that Jesus cherished when he prayed to the Father ‘that all may be one,'” he wrote.

The day of prayer will be observed on May 8 in the Vatican and in many dioceses around the world.

The message, published at the Vatican on May 5, was devoted to the theme “Called to build the human family” and examined the meaning of “vocation” in the context of a synodal Church, that is “a Church who listens to God and the world.

In his message, the pope wrote: “We know that the Church exists to evangelize, to move forward and to sow the seed of the Gospel in history. This mission can only be accomplished if all areas of pastoral activity work together and, more importantly, involve all of the Lord’s disciples.

“We must be wary of the mentality that separates priests and laity, seeing the former as protagonists and the latter as executors,” he said, and instead “pursue the Christian mission together as one people of God, laity and pastors”.

All members of the Church are called: to be together protagonists of the mission of the Church as an “evangelizing community”; to be stewards of each other and of creation; and to build a fraternal world, he writes.

“In a word, we are called to become one family in the marvelous common home of creation, in the reconciled diversity of its elements,” the pope wrote.

Everything is rooted in welcoming and responding to God’s gaze of love, he writes. “Our lives change when we welcome this gaze. Everything becomes a vocational dialogue between us and the Lord, but also between us and others.

This dialogue allows each Christian to become “always more what we are”, that is to say, for the ordained priests, to become increasingly “instruments of the grace and mercy of Christ”, for the consecrated to become ever more “the praise of God and the prophecy of a new humanity”, and for married couples “to be a mutual gift, givers and teachers of life”.

Christians are called as individuals and “we are also called together” like “tiles in a mosaic,” he writes. “Each is beautiful on its own, but only when put together do they form a picture.”

“This is the mystery of the Church: a celebration of differences, a sign and instrument of all that humanity is called to be,” he wrote.

For this to happen, Pope Francis said, “the Church must become increasingly synodal: able to walk together, united in harmonious diversity, where everyone can actively participate and where everyone has something to contribute.”

Therefore, each vocation striving to realize “God’s dream” of human brotherhood, each vocation “contributes to a common objective: to celebrate between men and women that harmony of multiple gifts which can only be achieved through Holy Spirit”.

The pope urged priests, consecrated men and women and the lay faithful to “journey and work together to bear witness to the truth that one great human family united in love is not a utopian vision, but the very purpose for which God created us”. .”

Read the full message.

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