VIDEO: “We are joining Freemasonry to do charity work”



When asked if the group was sacrificing family members, the established lawyer strongly refuted claims that the case did not involve any form of human sacrifice.

He further rejected claims that the organization involved Satanism.

“I have heard some say that we sacrifice family members, there is no such thing in fact, it is universally practiced all over the world,” he said.

He further revealed that members of the cult are not allowed to divulge secrets to people at different levels of the organization or to non-members.

“We all have secrets. We don’t tell our secrets to people at different levels,” he added.

Furthermore, the seasoned lawyer also revealed that the secret organization uses biblical books such as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Kings. Notably, Rachier maintains that he never regrets joining the secret group, revealing that the secret group includes notable dignitaries such as the Chief Justices of Kenya.

“I don’t care to say that I am one of them, and I don’t regret it; my family knows that today Ambroise Rachier is going to the meeting,” he said.


“If you look at the board, you will find the Chief Justices of Kenya; there is a lot of who’s who in Kenya there,” he added.

Politicians, doctors, pharmacists, dentists, lawyers, engineers, teachers, accountants, architects, bankers, judges, pilots, aviation experts and some of the wealthiest businessmen from Nairobi are also listed as members of the secret organization.

While emphasizing that the group does not invoke the name of Jesus Christ during meetings, Rachier further revealed that the group has no particular religion as it includes Buddhists, Christians and Muslims.

Speaking on Sunday October 2 on NTV, Rachier denied reports that Freemasonry is a devil-worshipping cult involving human sacrifice to acquire wealth.

He argued that the biblical King Solomon, son of David, was the first Freemason and that some of their values ​​are borrowed from his successes, including building a temple.

However, Rachier argued that Freemasonry is not based on any religion bringing together members from Christianity, Buddhism and atheists. Other checks are also factored into the process, including family history and individual traits.

“The first is when you hear about it, and you’re lucky to get into it – I say lucky in the sense that unless you hear it from someone else, you won’t be maybe never interested,” Rachier said.

“So, I would give you a talk and then I would go to a meeting and I would propose that I have someone that I would like to introduce you to. Then we will invite you for an interview; we will talk to you about a few things. In particular , we are concerned about your family, what they will think of you because of all these negative opinions, and if there is any rejection,” he added.

The members come from several religions except the Catholic Church which has condemned it.

Rachier says some of Kenya’s most iconic buildings, including All Saints Cathedral and the State House, were built by masons.

Born and raised in the Anglican Church where his father, the Reverend Canon Hezron Rachier, served, Rachier says being a Mason doesn’t mean not going to church.

He was nevertheless quick to point out that they are not praying in the name of Jesus, but “the great architect of the universe (God)”.

“We recently lost our minds, Queen Elizabeth II; we prayed and honored her.”

Rachier rejected the idea that you have to be rich to be a Freemason: “These are the things you have to correct; you will find the most ordinary people here and people you would never have thought were Freemasons. masons – just having fun and talking about charity; helping people or also being helped.”

Since coming out openly about being part of Mason, Rachier says he’s had a lot of support from his fellow “brothers.” “They’ve been very supportive and also willing to talk if needed.”

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