Why Burger King Spain was criticized for its Holy Week ads


According to catholic sentinelBurger King launched the trending hashtag #BoicotBurgerKing after running print ads saying, “Grab y’all and eat some. Who has no meat. 100% vegetarian. 100% flavor. Big King Vegetable” and ” Flesh of my flesh”, with “flesh” redacted to show the word “vegetable”. The text is inspired by the Last Supper, when Jesus consecrated the bread, and is used to sell the brand’s plant-based burger Petitions have since emerged calling for a boycott of the brand due to the sacrilege of the advertisement.

Node reports that Burger King has since apologized on Twitter, saying it never meant to offend anyone and has since made the decision to remove the print ads. Despite the apology, many practicing Catholics continued to express their outrage, saying the brand would never have had the nerve to launch a campaign mocking Islam or Judaism. As of now, several religious leaders have joined in denouncing the restaurant, putting even more pressure on the chain, for FoxNews. While the backlash may eventually wear off, this PR debacle will almost certainly be remembered among other fast food advertising moments that embraced bad taste to sell food.

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