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I believe the UK truly is the best place in the world to live – which is why I choose every day to continue living here. But the bishops claim the country is institutionally racist, with no evidence to that effect. I challenged that view and provided an alternative perspective, but as is always the case with the metropolitan elite, they know better. Racism is still something we need to work on, on an individual level, but this is not a racist country.

As an ethnic minority person I believe I can do anything if I work hard enough for it, I don’t see any obstacles holding me back, but I was told I was wrong.

Perhaps the middle-class white bishops wanted to prove their point by firing me and preventing me from fulfilling my calling – a calling they had upheld.

It is certainly a way of demonstrating institutional racism.

There was a time when CofE was said to be ‘the Conservative Party in prayer’, those days are long gone.

We now have a hierarchy that looks down on Express readers, mocking us for having the wrong worldview.

As with any public institution, the so-called liberal left took over and implemented its woke agenda.

The established church no longer affirms Christian family values, sexual ethics, or the sanctity of marriage.

Nail an LGBTQ+++ or BLM flag to your altar and you will be celebrated as a progressive priest, but preach the biblical truth that God created them male and female, and you will be disciplined as incendiary and outdated.

The Church pursues societal norms, instead of remaining faithful to the faith as transmitted to us by the Apostles.

This is a great shame, because the Church is still full of faithful congregations and clerics, but a hierarchy of liberal bishops is dragging the Church into apostasy.

All is not lost for Anglicanism. In 2008, many Anglican leaders gathered at the Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon) to sign the Jerusalem Declaration.

They feel the hierarchy has been compromised – including Justin Welby – and want to bring about change within the Anglican Communion.

The Jerusalem Declaration reaffirms traditional Christian values:

The Gospel as the basis of religion;

Scripture being the Word of God;

Adhere to the four ecumenical councils and the three historical creeds;

Emphasizing the importance of the 39 articles;

Redemption for all through Jesus Christ;

Sacramental and liturgical heritage supported in the prayer book as the standard of worship and prayer;

Clerical orders of bishops, deacons and priests;

God made us male and female, and this is important for the sanctity of marriage;

To make disciples of all nations;

Empower the poor and needy;

Building ecumenical relationships;

Unite the church under Orthodoxy;

Celebrate diversity and work towards unity in Christ;

Reject the authority of churches and leaders who deny the Orthodox faith, call them to repent and return to the Lord;

Rejoice in Christ.

There has been a public split in America recently. Increasingly awake opinions opposing the clear teachings of Scripture on the ethics of marriage and family, resorted to a large group of Orthodox Anglicans leaving the Episcopal Church and forming the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA).

This group defends Orthodox Anglicanism, Biblical Orthodoxy and Anglican Forms. The movement is strong in Africa and North America, and has a foothold in the UK under Gafcon Great Britain & Europe (Gafcon GBE).

GBE consists of two branches, the Anglican Network in Europe (ANiE) and the Reformed Episcopal Church (RCE).

Within ANiE there are two “convocations”, the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) and the Anglican Convocation in Europe (ACE).

The Free Church of England (otherwise known as the Reformed Episcopal Church in the United Kingdom and Ireland) has existed since 1844, providing an Anglican tradition rooted in a Reformed Catholic heritage.

Gafcon provides a home for priests and laity inside and outside the established Church. I intend to join the Gafcon movement in the UK.

Their validly consecrated bishops have offered to ordain me and set me to work as a servant of Christ.

I hope to encourage many more frustrated Anglicans to return to Orthodoxy.

To keep up to date with my ministry and receive an invitation when my London church plan is ready, please leave your details at EvangelicalCatholics.co.uk

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