World condemns Burmese junta for executing activists


The army, police and special forces forcibly evacuated the protest camp in front of the presidential palace on the orders of the new president, Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Christian priests walk through tents set up by protesters near the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo on July 24, 2022. (Photo: Arun Sankar/ AFP)

In a statement, the Catholic bishops said the suppression of human rights “will further exacerbate mass unrest and damage the country’s image in the international community.” The bishops also urged the new president to safeguard the legitimate and democratic rights of every citizen enshrined in the country’s constitution.

The protest camp had been the epicenter of months-long nationwide protests that effectively toppled the Rajapaksa dynasty blamed for Sri Lanka’s worst economic crisis since its independence from Britain in 1948.

A church official in Cambodia said the recent US human trafficking report, which placed the country among the worst in the world, is “politically biased”.

Savong Duong, a member of the Interfaith Commission representing Cambodia’s Catholic community, said the report released last week ranked the country last because the United States has an “anti-China policy” and considers Cambodia to be linked. to China.

A woman prays in front of a monk on a street in Phnom Penh. Rights groups say the economic crisis caused by Covid-19 has forced many Cambodians to try their luck with human traffickers. (Photo: Luke Hunt/UCA News)

The US government’s 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report downgraded Cambodia to Tier 3 status, ranking it among the countries with the worst human trafficking record. He also accused the administration of corruption and of refusing to bring human traffickers to justice.

Cambodia is among 21 countries, including China and Russia, on the Tier 3 list. Other Asian countries on the worst performing list are Afghanistan, Brunei, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Korea North and Vietnam.

Thousands of coastal villagers in southern Bangladesh are in dire straits as the government banned access to the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest, for three months, citing the protection of natural resources.

Local villagers said the ban from June to August deprived them of their livelihoods like fishing, crabbing and honey harvesting, without offering any compensation. Government officials admitted the ban is causing hardship for local communities, but said they will eventually reap the benefits.

Fishing and other activities in the Sundarbans were halted from June to August. (Photo: Stephan Uttom/UCA News)

The Sundarbans watershed is a treasure trove of aquatic life. There are 210 species of white fish, 24 species of shrimp and 14 species of crabs. The fish are born in the river channels of the Sundarbans during the breeding season from June to August.

At least 600,000 people directly or indirectly depend on it to live. The government earns about US$680,000 a year from the permits it issues to those seeking to access the Sundarbans to earn a living.

A report by the South Korean Meteorological Administration warned that the Korean Peninsula is bracing for severe forms of climate crisis amid natural disasters such as rising temperatures, heavy rains and wildfires.

In its 2021 climate analysis, the state agency said the impact of daily life and industrial activities are gradually contributing to record heat waves. The nationwide average temperature was measured from 13.2 degrees to 24.7 degrees Celsius, the highest since 1973.

A scene of wildfires in Uljin and Samcheok in South Korea in March this year. On the Korean Peninsula, large-scale forest fires occur frequently due to climate change. (Photo: Gyeongsangbuk-do/Catholic Times)

With the current trend in greenhouse gas emissions, Korea will see its average annual temperature increase by 1.8 degrees Celsius.

Catholic groups and environmentalists have called on the government to change its environmental policy and strictly enforce a carbon neutrality law to reduce carbon emissions. In May, the bands went on a 40-day nationwide tour to raise environmental awareness.

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