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Some parents like to take trips with only one of their children at a time, and it’s surprisingly controversial!

As a mother of young children, I am always looking for advice and ideas from more experienced mothers. An unusual idea I saw recently surprised and intrigued me.

Several moms that I really admire like to go on trips with only one child at a time.

I first heard of the idea from Catholic writer Kathryn Whitaker. Her blog and her book are a wealth of inspiration, so I always enjoy reading how she does things. She shared on her blog that she created a family tradition to take each of her six children on a special 10-year anniversary vacation with a parent.

Each child has a turn for an individual journey, so no one feels left out. And the kid chooses the destination, which sounds like so much fun!

Whitaker explained the reasoning behind the trip. She wrote,

We recognize that our children do not spend uninterrupted, one-on-one time with us all the time, and certainly not for days at a time. We also recognize that at 10 we are still somewhat cool and we pray that the door of opportunity to engage in meaningful and heartfelt conversations will be opened and strengthened during our time together.

Surprisingly controversial

Then I came across an even more elaborate version of this tradition. Utah mom Janssen Bradshaw is planning four one-on-one vacations with each of her four children.

Yes, that’s right: FOUR trips with each child! Each parent takes the child on two of the trips. His plan is to make these trips every two years throughout each child’s teenage years. As in Whitaker’s practice, the child chooses the destination.

Bradshaw mentioned that these trips were surprisingly controversial. Some people don’t like the idea of ​​taking only one child on a trip! She wrote on her blog,

Every time I mentioned these solo trips, I got a few messages from people saying things like “I’d feel bad if everyone missed out.” I kinda feel like that’s missing the point. I LOVE our family and I like doing things together. I ALSO love to focus on just one child and create memories just for both of us without interruption from other siblings or a parent. I want my children to know that I love having them in our family AND that I see and love them as their own person, separate from their siblings.

Spending time with each child individually is such a beautiful and important part of parenthood, to me. I have written about past Thursdays with only one of my four children.

But I can understand why some parents are reluctant to take just one child on vacation. It’s a greater experience and more time to be away from others. And frankly, one-on-one travel would be really hard to do with babies and toddlers at home.

On the other hand, I was the only one of my six siblings who took a special trip to New York with my parents when I was 13, and I remember how much I enjoyed that special time. with them. So I can definitely see the appeal of these trips too!

I’m inspired to look for some one-on-one time

Ultimately, I don’t know if individual trips will be in the cards for us. Everything will depend on what life will be like when my kids are older, and that’s something I can’t predict.

But I like the idea of ​​creating intentional opportunities to focus on one child at a time.

I hope to capture the spirit of one-on-one travel by giving each child the individual attention they need in the joyful chaos of our big family life.


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